Source rock characterisation

Source potential

Assessments of the hydrocarbon generation potential of source rocks are made using a combination of elemental analysis to determine total organic carbon content (TOC), optical microscopy to determine the thermal maturity (vitrinite reflectance, spore colour index, fluorescence) and Rock-Eval pyrolysis.

Leco 628 CHNS elemental analyser

  • Determination of the carbon (TOC), hydrogen and nitrogen of samples, with additional sulphur module
  • Rapid sample throughput (14 samples per hour)
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Specifications: Leco 628 CHNS

Rock-Eval 6

  • Open system pyrolysis to assesses quantity, type and thermal maturity of organic matter in whole rock and kerogen samples
  • Measured parameters include S1, S2, S3 & Tmax, and when combined with TOC measurements the hydrogen (HI), oxygen (OI) and productions indices (PI) can be derived
  • Specifications: Rock-Eval 6

Maturity and kerogen typing

Leica DM4500P optical microscope (Hilgers FOSSIL) with LED camera and image recording system with garnet, spinel an zircon standards (ISO 7404)

  • Determination of the vitrinite reflectance of coals and well samples
  • Spore Colour (SCI) and Spore Fluorescence to assess the maturity and kerogen quality.
  • Characterisation of the kerogen content of source rocks (transmitted light), and maceral content of coals (incident light)
  • Specifications: Hilgers microscope